Do you want to create a life
you are enthusiast about?

I' help you to create a life
filled with Magic!


Imagine you have found your unique style and feel confident to live with creativity.

Imagine you can recognize and heal your internal blockages, opening yourself to all you can be.

Imagine you have learned to trust your intuition, so that you are able to make the best choices for your evolution.

Imagine you are able to connect to your Inner Power, the real place where the Magic starts.

Holistic life coaching and shamanic healing to move toward your desired life.

Knowledge and inspiration are what help us to grow. 

A very practical guide to use shamanic journey to empower your life.  Find the guidance you need for the big or small challenges in your daily life.

“Highly recommended if you want to discover your inner potential and clarify your direction in life. Anna is really passionate about it, and has spent many years around the world developing her skills in this field.”

Mauro Lombardo

Account manager, italy

Do you feel stuck in your life?

Do you feel disconnected from Life?

Do you feel powerless and hopeless?

Do you want to make changes in your life but don’t know how?

Have you difficulties to forgive and let go the past?

Are you dealing with negative emotions and physical pain?

If any of this sounds like you, then guess what!? You don’t have to live you life like that anymore!

You can choose
a better life!

Together, with the use of coaching techniques, shamanic journeys, ceremonies and creative exercises we can start walking the empowering  path of the heart.

"It was a powerful experience, in which I managed to free myself from every day’s concerns and let my mind work on something deeper. I liked how Anna was able to say exactly what my soul needed to hear. The sessions with Anna have been very nice and pleasant experiences that gave me the direction of my next step in life."
Sabina Pavlekova
Czech Republic
"Anna is a gentle, sensitive and loving Spirit. She dances between the worlds effortlessly and brings back gems of wisdom that help quell the anxious heart. I am grateful for her assistance during a particularly challenging time in my life. She is meant to share her gift of words and talent for translating the Shamanic realms to those who are led to her. She will indeed help you to "awaken" to the magic of your life."
Maura Finn
Yoga teacher and author of "Architect of the Divine", US
"Anna is a warm and compassionate practitioner. She was able to receive information about my life issues that have been very valuable to me. She is very intuitive, and a wonderful healer!"
Toni Maita
Psycotherapist, US

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