A deeper reality

How can a expanded sensitivity give more depth to your days and increase your ability to fully enjoy the beauty of life?

The trees are filled

of luminous energy,

the flowers vibrate

of colorful sounds.


The fairies dance

to celebrate life,

the waters are filled

with crystalline energy.


Beings of light

embrace Mother Earth.

The drumbeat of life

beats of just one beat.


© Anna Venuti. All Rights Reserved

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Is Shamanic Journey safe?

I understand the fears about expanding our consciousness and meeting the Helping Spirits, which some of us have when they first hear about shamanic journey. Sometimes, we are not comfortable with the word ‘Spirits’ and we are afraid we can feel uncomfortable. I understand well,

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How do we experience a Shamanic Journey?

In a shamanic journey, we are lifting the veils between the worlds, and we are entering the no-ordinary reality with all our senses, experiencing it as we experience the physical reality. Shamanic Journey is an experience which involves all senses.

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The shamanic way of healing

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