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How to find Grace in despair

There is a grace in moments of despair. The pain can be paralyzing. The wounded voice of “I’m not good enough” is long too loud.
Till you step there. In the void.
I mean, the real void. There you find Grace, wisdom and Beauty.

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I’m a poet

Being a poet is not an activity, but a state of being. It is a life in connection with the energy of beauty. It is the blessing of translating in words a myriad of subtle sensation, while using those same words to inspire other people.

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The life of my Soul

Our Soul lives in the stillness between our emotions. She dances among our human experiences and lead us to free our inner light.

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The dance of opposites

Are you experiencing moments of bliss, followed by moments of despair? Does your shadow become more dark every time you have glimpses of your inner light?

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