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I’m a poet

Being a poet is not an activity, but a state of being. It is a life in connection with the energy of beauty. It is the blessing of translating in words a myriad of subtle sensation, while using those same words to inspire other people.

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The life of my Soul

Our Soul lives in the stillness between our emotions. She dances among our human experiences and lead us to free our inner light.

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The dance of opposites

Are you experiencing moments of bliss, followed by moments of despair? Does your shadow become more dark every time you have glimpses of your inner light?

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A deeper reality

How can a expanded sensitivity give more depth to your days and increase your ability to fully enjoy the beauty of life?

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Is Shamanic Journey safe?

I understand the fears about expanding our consciousness and meeting the Helping Spirits, which some of us have when they first hear about shamanic journey. Sometimes, we are not comfortable with the word ‘Spirits’ and we are afraid we can feel uncomfortable. I understand well,

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How do we expand our consciousness for a Shamanic Journey?

Shamans use the monotonous sound of the drum or rattle to enter an expanded state of consciousness in which visionary experiences can take place. Other instruments can be used, like the digeridoo, played by Australia Aboriginal. When we use the drum or rattle, beaten or

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