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How do we experience a Shamanic Journey?

In a shamanic journey, we are lifting the veils between the worlds, and we are entering the no-ordinary reality with all our senses, experiencing it as we experience the physical reality. Shamanic Journey is an experience which involves all senses.

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The Healing Message of Labradorite

Life is like the Labradorite stone. The colors you see change according to your point of view. Life is like the Labradorite: take it in your hands and shake out the colors.

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The shamanic way of healing

A shamanic healing journey is a journey done with the intention to receive healing. During a healing journey, we carry the request for healing to the Spirit World. All the healing work is done by our Spirit Guides. Often, the Helping Spirits provide also suggestions

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What is Shamanic Journey great for?

Shamanic journey is one of the main methods used by traditional cultures to access the guidance and the help of the Spirit world. During a shamanic journey, we enter the realms of no-ordinary reality and meet our own Helping Spirits and Power Animals to receive

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What is shamanism?

Shamanism is the most ancient form of spiritual practice.  It is not a religion, it is a spiritual practice common to all traditional cultures all over the world, from North and South America to Europe, Africa, central Asia and Australia. Shamanism is a way of

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