Do we really need answers?

Do we really need answers?

I’ve been a seeker for most of my life, since I was very young.

I did question everything, in particular those answers which came delivered in a shining package of “truths”.

Did I found the answers I was looking for?

I’m not sure about it.

For sure along the way I got even more questions.

But one thing I got out of this search, which I treasure… I got shining eyes, able to notice the little magic which makes our days great.

Shining eyes like the eyes full of wonder of a baby.

A baby in the pre-verbal, hearth-based phase of her life, doesn’t really need answers.

She just wonders for all things she sees.

I often find myself looking around with the same awe a baby looks at the carousel above her crib…

Yes, I do really enjoy life with that intensity!

I’ve realized I don’t really need answers, I don’t need to understand everything, yet I’m grateful for those burning questions which set me on the path.

But now, wonder fills my days and gives me a sense of completeness.

Wonder sets me in the heart, in a place without questions nor answers, but presence to the magnificence of Life.

When I wonder and awe, I don’t need to understand.

I say “Thanks” instead of asking “Why?”


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