Find the love

You have inside yourself the love you are looking for! Don't beg for love, don't fell unworthy or needy. You are whole, you are Love.


Find the love that you seek,
deep inside yourself,
that love that others
weren’t able to give you.

Don’t beg anymore
for what you already have,
don’t let other people
tell you don’t deserve.

Love is in you
for yourself to enjoy.
Love is in you
to spread all around.

Love is here
for you to rise.
Love is real
and will never die,

because it doesn’t judge
doesn’t belong doesn’t deny,
it is not given nor is taken
it is just all around.

Never again feel needy
never again feel unloved,
just feel you are whole
just feel you are Love.

© Anna Venuti. All Rights Reserved

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