How to find stability in moments of change

How to find stability in moments of change

Four years ago, when I was preparing to leave Italy and move to India, a friend asked me what helps me to be stable in moment of changes.

Changes happens very often in my life. I have lived for more than 10 years in Asia, in different cities, countries, doing different jobs. And sometimes, as it happened 4 years ago, the changes were moving me towards the unknown. I was leaving a corporate job I had for the past 2 years in Italy and I was going to India. The reason was unknown to me, but I knew I had to go back to India.

Some friends were not understanding my choice. Some people cannot take a decision without having planned in advance ‘why when how what’. Some people, like me, have an inner knowing when a change is necessary.

Here are the believes which help me to find stability in uncertain moments.

  • I trust that everything that happens in my life is exactly what needs to happen to allow me to go a step further – and I trust that I’m strong enough to walk that step.

How many times we found ourselves in retrospect to thank the Universe for a change that felt threatening when it was happening, but which made us grow out of a situation we were stuck in? Even if that change caused temporary discomfort, sometimes it reveals itself to be a great blessing.

Thus, let us embrace change with trust. Trusting doesn’t mean to have the optimistic  illusion that everything will be easy and fun. It means to trust that trough the change we will grow. And what other purpose has life if not growing? We are here to grow. Our Soul pushes us to change because she wants us to grow.

Yes, sometimes I do resist change. Sometimes I would like to sit in the shadow of my comfort zone. But when it happens, the Universe finds another way to bring that change into my life. Either I lose the job, I’m forced to move, etc. So, let’s embrace change as an opportunity to grow and to find something new, rather than focusing in what we are loosing.

  • I accept that I don’t need to always feel secure and happy. I can have moments of doubts and moments of discouragement.

The important thing is to not allow those emotions to overwhelm us and have a paralyzing effect on our lives. Doesn’t matter if the change is scary, feel the fear and do it anyway!

Our society, based on competition and comparing, wants us always to be brilliant, satisfied and confident, and if we are not, our ego pushes us to find someone to blame for: the government, our mother, the neighbors, our partner etc.

The truth is, we don’t need to be always happy. Our sky is so vast that we can allow some clouds to be there, knowing that those clouds will not prevent us to notice the daisies which are growing along our path.

  • I know that Father Sun and Mother Earth are always above and below me, and will sustain me.

When we feel insecure or at the mercy of events, let us absorb the light of the Sun, let’s connect to Mother Earth by walking barefoot or lying on the ground, let us hug our favorite tree. They will sustain us. Life is here for us, not against us.

  • I promise that I will always be by my side.

Even if I am alone, without support, in a foreign country – as often has happened in my life – at least “me” will always be present in all my experiences. When that “me” is my Soul instead that my ego, everything is easier! 

Often, we are afraid of changes, of leaving our comfort situations and comfort places. We would like to have stable situations, long term job, supporting life long relationships – and if those come to an end, we feel lost. How much would we like to hear promises such as: “I will always be with you! I will never leave you!”.

We often ask people’s support and understanding, but we forget to be present to ourselves. Instead, it is much better to say to ourselves: “I will always be with myself! No matter what happens, I will always be present in my own life!”

Are you struggling with unwanted changes in your life? Would you like to change but not find the courage to do so? Do you need support to navigate changes with grace and power?

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