How do we experience a Shamanic Journey?

How do we experience a Shamanic Journey?

We experience the journey with all our body. Shamanic journey is not an out-of-the-body experience. While in the no-ordinary reality, we can see, smell, hear and touch the world we are in.

In a shamanic journey, we are lifting the veils between the worlds, and we are entering the no-ordinary reality with all our senses, experiencing it as we experience the physical reality. Shamanic Journey is an experience which involves all senses.

While experiencing the journey, we still maintain consciousness of our physical body. We are still inside our physical body, we can feel if something is happening to it – if there is strong wind coming in or mosquitoes biting – while at the same time we experience with our full body the no-ordinary reality.

To increase our ability to experience it fully, before starting a journey, it is good to do some exercises to stimulate our sensory receptivity.

“Imagine walking in a beautiful valley. Look around to admire the landscape. Look at the branches of trees, at the colors of the leaves. Look at the colors around you. Can you guess from the colors what season is? And look at the sky: it is sunny or cloudy? Touch the ground with your hands. How is the soil? Is it moist or dry? It is smooth or rough? Can you feel the smell of the soil? Or perhaps you feel the smell of flowers, or the smell of grass just after the rain. And now pay attention to the sounds: which sounds do you hear? Are they from nearby or faraway?”

Doing this exercise before performing a journey, it will stimulate our ability to pay attention to how we perceive reality with all our senses, and will increase our ability to pay attention to all small details. This will help us during the journey, where every single detail has a meaning.

This increased sensory perception will enrich also our daily life, where we will be more able to enjoy life with all our senses.

I have notice how, since I practice shamanic journeys, I’m more receptive to the subtle energy of nature. I’m more sensible to the energies of the places and the energy of crystals.

Won’t be nice to experience life as in this poetry, which I wrote few years ago?

A Deeper Reality

The trees are filled

of luminous energy,

the flowers vibrate

of colorful sounds.


The fairies dance

to celebrate life,

the waters are filled

with crystalline energy.

The increased sensitivity that you develop with the practice of shamanic journeys gives more depth to your life. It gives you the ability to fully enjoy the beauty of life – and gives you the tools to stay centered and ‘see in the dark’ when challenges occur.

This increased sensitivity is the result of being able to expand your consciousness.

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