How to find Grace in despair

How to find Grace in despair

Listen woman,
listen to your pain.
It explodes
like a volcano,
it is intermittent
and breaks your words,
it is annihilating
and sterilizes your heart.

Listen woman
listen to your pain.
This period of suffering
Holds challenging lessons.
At night the darkness
welcomes your pain,
the silence listens
the words you don’t find.

Listen woman
listen to your pain…
and speak out your wonder
and sing to life,
because a broken open heart
amplifies the vibration
of the primordial song
you carry within.

There is grace in moments of despair. The pain can be paralyzing. The wounded voice of “I’m not good enough” is long too loud. Nights are frightening and – oh so much dark.

Till you step there. In the void.

I mean, the real void. That emptiness which is not only without energy, without approval, without support – but is also without judging.

In that void, the woman devastated by pain realized she is acting as a small girl complain for too difficult homework. “Teacher, I don’t want to do this, I want to spend all afternoon in the park playing with my friends” has become in the lips of the woman a similar non-sense: “Please Life, I don’t want this challenge, I want just to be happy – and I want to dictate my conditions for being happy”.


Sure, you can. You can spend all your day playing in the park, or if you are too old for that, you can spend all day eating sweets.

But then what? You will not learn. You will not grow. You will always be that little girl pretending to know better than her teacher what is best for her. You will always be that woman pretending to tell Life what you need to be truly happy.

But you don’t know it. You don’t need it. Because happiness doesn’t require conditions.

Happiness blossoms naturally when there is acceptance and presence.

Acceptance of things as they are – trusting that everything is perfect as it is in the big picture of life. This moment is perfect. This situation is perfect. Perhaps not for our ego but – hey – we are not living for our ego!

Presence to the pain, not avoidance of it. When we feel pain, we tend to numb it with food, alcohol, smoking, medicines, shopping, chatting, gossiping etc. This can give temporary relief – I mean, really temporary, just the few minutes you are engaged on the distracting activity.

And then, the pain again.

Till you lie on the floor. And you feel. You feel all your pain. And you surrender.

You surrender to Life. You surrender to pain. You surrender to this moment.

And you realize that, yes you want to be happy. No, you don’t really need to be always happy.

You are huge enough to hold happiness and sadness, as the sky is huge enough to hold clouds and sun. Yet is not sun nor clouds. Yet you are not happy or sad. You just feel that way.

Thus, here you are. In the void. In the stillness without emotions. In the stillness without judgement.

I’m happy you have come here. Remember that this is a judgements-free zone. It is not a place for  your ego, for your expectations, your desires or your “poor me” stories.

This is the place to meet what it is.

Here you can dance with Life. Here you are fully connected to your Inner Wisdom.

Listen to it. You will find inside you something you really want to express. You will find inside you the  primordial song of creation you come on Earth to sing!

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