Is Shamanic Journey safe?

Is Shamanic Journey safe?

I understand the fears about expanding our consciousness and meeting the Helping Spirits, which some of us have when they first hear about shamanic journey.

Sometimes, we are not comfortable with the word ‘Spirits’ and we are afraid we can feel uncomfortable. I understand well, because I was having the same fear. Before starting to practice shamanic journeys, I had a friend who was interested in Angels and channeling, and when she first told me, my reaction was: “I don’t want to hear voices or see Spirits!” It took me few books and a workshop to get me comfortable with the idea. Then one morning, as I wake up, I felt something strange in my body, as if I was coming out of an energetic surgery. I saw a big and loving Angel near my bed who told me: “We are performing some energetic cleaning on you. It is better if you rest a little longer”.

That same day I got suddenly fired from a job as translator which was draining me while giving me financial comfort  – and this allowed me lot of free time to explore spiritual practices while still receiving a salary for few months because by contract the company didn’t have the right to terminate the contract. That same evening, in a  grocery shop I never went before, I meet a woman who was going to a workshop on Shamanism. She was driving alone and she asked if I was interested to join to have some company during the almost two hours of road. Till that day, Shamanism was only an exotic name in my studies of History of Religions.

That day was a big turning point in my life, from saying: “I don’t want to see Spirits” to be open to synchronicity and enthusiast to explore the Spirit world. There, I find infinite love and compassion, as well as support and sweetness.

Sometimes, it is the fear about altering our consciousness that stop us from trying a shamanic journey. We fear we will lose our control.

I can assure you, this is not the case in a shamanic journey induced by the use of the drum or other musical instruments. In these shamanic journeys, we are always fully aware of what is happening – and have the ability to leave the journey in any moment if we decide so.

While we are in the altered state of consciousness, which allows us to communicate with the Spirits, we are still very conscious of our body. We are simultaneously present in the world of no-ordinary reality and in the normal world.

During a shamanic journey, we have always control of ourselves. We cannot of course control which Spirit will come to meet us, or what they will tell us, but we can decide if and how we want to interact with them – or if we want to leave.

A Shamanic Journey is not like watching a movie in which we have not control of what is happening. We have an active role. So, if we don’t understand what the Spirits tell us, we can ask more. If we don’t feel comfortable, we can come back from the journey or journey to another place. We can decide if we want to journey to the Lower World or Upper World.

I have lead dozens of people into journeys and has never happen that someone comes back from the journey with a negative experience.

It happened to me only once in years of practice, to see a spirit I didn’t felt attracted to (even if she appeared as a beautiful woman dressed like a queen). So, I look at my PA which was near me and he suggested we move to another place. Nothing bad appended. I was not afraid, no shocked, no scared. I just felt I didn’t want to interact with that Spirit, and with the guidance of my PA I was able to move in another direction. This is why calling our PA before journeying is so important! I then realized this encounter was an answer to my question: I had received an invitation from an online-girlfriend to do something together, which was very alluring but somehow felt no right – and what happened in the journey confirmed me that it was better to decline the invitation.

During the shamanic journey, we always feel the healing and nourishing energy and the love of our Helping Spirits. Even during a healing journey, when it is possible that the Spirit perform some extraction or some dismemberment, we feel absolutely safe and loved.

Our Helping Spirits always communicate with us in a lovely way. Yes, sometimes they joke, sometimes they tell us we really should change our behavior, but they speak and act always in a loving and compassionate way. When they point out some mistake we are doing, they do it with compassion, not with criticism.

The Spirits are not judging us. They volunteer to help us, not to judge us. In the world of no-ordinary reality, we feel always accepted, understood, supported. The Helping Spirits love and accept us as we are, even when we are not able to accept ourselves.

Yet, they also suggest us ways to change – not because we are wrong, just to obtain better results in our life. 

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