The Healing Message of Labradorite

The Healing Message of Labradorite



You have to look at me

from different perspectives

each time revealing

different colors.


The magic of life

you have to appreciate

by finding in things

their bright side.


And if what you see

doesn’t please you

bring into it

new beams of light.


Life is like me

a rainbow of possibilities

take it in your hands

and shake out the colors.

© Anna Venuti. All Rights Reserved.

Labradorite is a magic stone. It has a gray body with colored luminescence, where hues of golden yellow, orange, blue, green and purple are often present in the same stone. But they can be seen only looking at the stone from a specific angle.

I love to hold a labradorite stone on my hands and “shake out the colors”, moving the stone so that the light hit the surface from an angle which brings out a specific color. Then I slightly move it to see if I find other colors.

This is exactly what we are called to do with all circumstances we find ourselves in: find the right way to look at them, so that we can understand their meaning and enjoy their good side.

If we look at our daily life with a close mind and rigid attitude, many events will probably look just gray, as a stone of labradorite when no light hit its surface. But by bringing to them some light, some awareness and understanding, we will find a new richness of meaning.

Labradorite needs to be hit by light to show its beauty. Our life must be hit by the light of awareness to be fully understood and appreciated.

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