Meet Anna

If you believe in Magic,
you will have a Magic Life

 My journey started with this realization. My blessed life has taken me to live in many  different countries, but – this is not the journey I’m talking about.

The Path to Magic

What I’m talking about is a inner journey, a slow journey of re-connection with the Magic in Life. Yes, the Magic I’m talking is something that is already all around and inside us. We just have to notice it.                                          

This path to Magic is the path of the Heart.

My inner journey has started more than 26 years ago, when I was still teenager, with the practice of Reiki. Reiki opened my way to work with energy, and its intense practice over the years allowed me to find what I was looking for: a deeper way to live and understand reality.

After few years since the Reiki initiation, I finished high school and was the time to choose University. And I made the choice according to my inner needs: I was looking for different ways of living, different ways of thinking.

My academic education is on Chinese language and culture, with a specialization in Eastern Asia Religions and Anthropology. This has taken me to live for more 12 years in Asia, in particular China, India and Bali, where I currently live.

I’ve also received a Master Degree in teaching foreign languages and I worked as a language teacher and culture mediator for 10 years.

Living among different cultures in developing countries has been an essential part of my growth. It has urged me to free myself from all the unnecessary needs imposed by society, to reconsider everything about ways of life, values, customs etc. It encouraged me to be open to possibilities, to new ways of living and thinking.

In the last two decades, along with the practice of different meditation techniques, I have studied holistic healing techniques, including Reiki, Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Holistic Health, Plant Remedies, Nutrition, Raw Food, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Archetypes work, Life Coaching, and Shamanism.

These are my certifications in the holistic and natural health field:

– Reiki level 1 (1994)

– Yoga TTC 200 hr (2011)

– Certificate in Ayurvedic Massage and Panchkarma Therapy 240 hr (2012)

– Diploma on Ayurveda and Panchkarma 720 hr (2012)

– Reiki level 2 (2012)

– Holistic Health Practitioner diploma (2015)

– Shamanic Journey for guidance and healing level 1 and 2 (2016)

– Healing with Spiritual Light (2019)

– Yoga Therapy diploma (2020)

In the last 6 years I have dedicate myself to deepen the practice of shamanism following the teachings of world renowned shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman and the guidance of my own Helping Spirits.

I write healing stories and poetry inspired by my Helping Spirits, and blogs on spirituality and natural health.

I have conduced workshops about yoga and natural health in China, Italy and Sri Lanka, and workshops on shamanic journey in Czech Republic, India and Bali. I offer holistic life coaching and shamanic journeys and ceremonies, both in person and online. Check out my programs here.

If you want to invite me for a workshop, please contact me at

What people say about me

"I have experienced shamanic journey with Anna in private session and participated in her group workshops. I was given more insights and awareness on my way of life. During the workshops there was a great atmosphere, and Anna maintained a safe and loving space for all participants in their deep work on themselves. I highly recommend both private sessions and workshops with Anna."
Dusan Jirasek
Massage therapist and coach, Czech Republic
"I did shamanic journey sessions with Anna twice, and both of them I went very deep. The journey were very beautiful. I received insight and clarity during the process and I could see what was happening in my life which help me to understand and take the next step to healing myself. Anna is a gifted, humble, and insightful shaman. She guides you in a beautifully protected space so that you feel safe and feel ready to emerge with new vision and life purpose. Thank you Anna."
Vonny Stella
Reiki Master and breathwork practitioner, Bali
Thank you Anna for your inspiration and your enthusiasm for life. I enjoyed the meditations you lead us to during yoga class, as well as the healing suggestions. I’m glad to have received by you some amazing Ayurvedic Massage, highly recommended!
Anna Maria
Artist, Italy

Ready to walk your own Path to Magic?