Table of content

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Those are the chapters in the e-book “Drumming to Squirrel – Guide to Shamanic Journey for Daily Empowerment”

1. Who is this book for?

2. What is Shamanism?

3. What is the Shamanic Journey for?

4. What is a Healing Journey?

5. How do we experience Shamanic Journey?

6. How do we safely expand our consciousness?

7. Is Shamanic Journey safe?

8. What is the role of Power Animals in our life?

9. How do we meet our Power Animal?

10. What is the difference between Power Animals and Helping Spirits?

11. Which are the three worlds of no-ordinary reality?

12. How should we prepare for a Shamanic Journey?

13. How do we open the sacred space?

14. How to set the intention for the journey?

15. How to ask effective questions?

16. How do we perform a Shamanic Journey to meet Power Animal?

17. How can I work with Power Animal?

18. Why should we ask the guidance of Spirits?

19. What information do we receive during a Shamanic Journey?

20. What is an interesting answer?

21. What if I don’t get interesting answers?

22. Guidance from Spirits or free will?

23. How to distinguish intuition from the voice of the ego?

24. How often should I journey?