The shamanic way of healing

The shamanic way of healing

A shamanic healing journey is a journey done with the intention to receive healing.

During a healing journey, we carry the request for healing to the Spirit World. All the healing work is done by our Spirit Guides. Often, the Helping Spirits provide also suggestions to improve our health and our life in general.

When we are performing a healing journey, we set the intention to receive healing. It is better not to mention a specific health issue, because Spirits know better than us what kind of healing we need. Often, pain is just a symptom of some dis-ease in a part of our energy body, and Spirits will not focus on that pain. They address the root cause of the disease, instead than working on symptoms.

Shamanism addresses the spiritual cause of diseases. If you are practicing some form of alternative healing or spiritual practice, you probably are familiar with the idea that all illnesses begin as spiritual dis-eases. Spirits will focus on healing that spiritual cause.

Once I performed a journey for a lady who was suffering from diabetes. My Spirit Guide did some energetic cleaning in her body and told me that her diabetes is a symptom of her inability to tolerate sweetness – her resistance to enjoy life. When I reported the message to her, she admitted that she has been having a very masculine, career-oriented attitude all her life, being unable to open herself to more feminine qualities such as nurturance, beauty and sweetness. Her resistance to the sweet part of life is what at an energetic level caused her diabetes.

In shamanism is believed that illness is mainly rooted in power loss. When we are filled with our power, which means with the light of our Spirit, no illness can affect us. We will see in the next chapters how we can restore that lost power through shamanic journey.

During a healing journey, the Spirits perform different actions on us: cleaning the aura, extraction of dark energy from the body – sometimes in the form of extraction of insects, snakes or objects – activation of chakras or energetic points of the body, grounding, surrounding our body with protective energy, dismemberment and cleaning of the organs, rising our energy with sound, etc.

Some of those practices may sound scaring, but when we experience it in a journey, we feel only the love and compassion of our Helping Spirits.

Often after a healing journey we feel refreshed, more energetic and positive. Blockages may have been released and the energy is flowing more freely.

While the results of a healing journey are often reflected in the physical body, for complete healing other actions – such as change of lifestyle, diet, surgery etc. – may be necessary. In the example above, it would have been totally inappropriate to suggest the diabetic lady to just enjoy and have fun, giving up all medication and dietary restrictions. Shamanic healing addresses the spiritual cause of disease and it is complementary to all the other methods. It should not be used as substitute for them.

Often, for the healing to be complete we need to address our resistance to heal.

Sometimes we don’t really want to heal, because our long-term illness keeps us in our comfort zone, while healing opens doors we might be afraid to walk in.

We may want to ask ourselves or the Spirits:

  • What is keeping me in this illness/pain?
  • What can I do to prepare myself to accept the healing?
  • How will be my life be without the pain?
  • Am I ready for such an expanded life?
  • Which kind of fear should I overcome to be able to heal?
  • Am I ready to become whole again?

Healing requires a conscious participation from the patient. Shamans and healers can provide a cure, a method for healing. But is the role of the patient to accept the healing.

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