What clients say about working with me

"Anna is a gentle, sensitive and loving Spirit. She dances between the worlds effortlessly and brings back gems of wisdom that help quell the anxious heart. I am grateful for her assistance during a particularly challenging time in my life. She is meant to share her gift of words and talent for translating the shamanic realms to those who are lead to her. She will indeed help you to awaken to the magic of your life."
Maura Finn
Yoga teacher and author of "Architect of the Divine"
"It was a wonderful journey into myself. By a easy and nice method I could concentrate, go into myself and find very clever answers and ideas. I’m definitely going to work more on this by myself. Thank you Anna!"
Noam Yehezkel
Engineer, Israel
"Highly recommended if you want to discover your inner potential and clarify your direction in life. Anna is really passionate about it, and has spent many years around the world developing her skills in this field."
Mauro Lombardo
Corporate Account Manager, Italy
"It was a powerful experience, in which I managed to free myself from every day’s concerns and let my mind work on something deeper. I liked how Anna was able to say exactly what my soul needed to hear. The sessions with Anna have been very nice and pleasant experiences that gave me the direction of my next step in life."
Sabina Pavlekova
Czech Republic
"Anna's journeys are full of light and inspiration. The journey that she did for me was precise, filled with wisdom and loving guidance. She is a person that I can completely trust when I need someone to journey for me. I am grateful for her bright spirit and presence in my life."
Jacirendi Xakhar
Healer and painter, US
"Awake to Magic is the right expression for me. I’m very grateful I could experience something like that for the first time in my life. I was really amazed, and it’s thank to Anna, her guidance, advices and the special energy she has. I highly recommend her if you want to open a door to the spiritual world."
Monika Vesela
Marketing strategist, Czech Republic
"Anna is a warm and compassionate practitioner. She went on several shamanic journeys on my behalf, and even though we were oceans apart, she was able to receive information about my life issues that have been very valuable to me. She is very intuitive and a wonderful healer!"
Toni Maita
Psychoterapist, US
"Anna is genuine, kind and gentle - and her poems aren't just pretty words. They clearly show her very real ability to perceive and experience more than the mundane - her connection with nature and the conscious energy within and around us. Please don't take my word for it. Allow Anna to guide you and experience the magic for yourself."
Nina Marie
Nurse and Hypnotherapist, UK
"Anna has performed several shamanic journeys for me, she has the ability to open my eyes, helping me see the situation I’m living at a particular moment from a different angle. Her guidance is gentle, nourishing and accurate. I have always admired Anna’s free spirit and her deep connection to Mother Earth. I can say she is a person who walks to the beat of her own drum. I love Anna’s writings, they are genuine, simple and yet full of truth and wisdom. I never cease to find inspiration in them, as they shift my energy, uplift my spirit, and help me connect. They bring me back to my center and the things that are meaningful to me."
Ingrid Leva
Author and painter, US
"I was surprised by the very concrete and accurate answers I got, about what I’m supposed to focus on and what to improve."
Jaroslava Lukasova
Vegan chef, Czech Republic
"Thank you Anna for the shamanic journeys you did for me, which helped me to understand what is going on in my life right now."
Barbara Pagotto
Psychologist and Family Constellation Facilitator, Italy
"Anna is a woman with a very sweet heart. She is a skilled shamanic practitioner who has performed brilliant journeys for me, and I recommend her work!"
Michelle Lavallee
Shamanic Practitioner, US
"Shamanic journey was a very good experience for me. Anna is very nice person with beautiful heart. The journey was excellent. It was mystical, healing was so strong and full of energy. All my body relaxed and was in bright light, around me a lot of colored crystals. Nice moent, be in the universe… peaceful."
Ivana Hlavakova
Czech Republic
"The journey Anna did on my behalf was accurate and helped me through a difficult time in my life. I love to her her thoughts when she share in a shamanic group we both belong to, she is very thoughtful and kind in her responses, it is obvious the is solidly connected to her spirit helpers."
Suzanne McLendon
Pottery Artist, US
"Anna is a great and experienced guide to your shamanic journeys and helps very well with the difficulties you may encounter. I liked she does not push any direction, but offers new ways about how to do things."
Jana Szo
Therapist, Czech Republic
"Thank you Anna for your inspiration and your enthusiasm for life. I enjoyed the meditations you lead us to during yoga class, as well as the healing suggestions. I'm glad to have worked with you, highly recommended!"
Anna Maria Slongo
Artist, Italy
"In Anna's session, accompanied by the magic sound of the drum, I was given the message that I need to strengthen myself. I'm very grateful for the experience."
Blanka Lukasova
Vegan Restaurant owner, Czech Republic
"To anyone wanting to tap into this, Anna is great! I have tried to journey on my own with good results, but Anna helps you to understand the process and the message, and guides you through it. I've had a strong curiosity towards the shamanic journey and the sound of the drumming is so soothing. I would say if you want to know more about your power animal and messages they bring, try this."
Sandra Marquez
Energy Healer, US
"Anna has a gift of seeing and translating our journeys no matter how complex we may find them. I’m delighted to have met her as she has a sure footing on this path between the worlds. I Thoroughly enjoy reading her stories of inspiration and love in all that’s around us! She is a force of feminine creativity and through her words has the ability to empower others."
Carmen Elsa Lopez
Yoga teacher and Shamanic Healer, US
"Shamanic journey with Anna is an experience that must be received. Magic energy, magic flow, magic gift! Thank you that you led me to that world, and thank you for your gentle support to accept it."
Haridass Kaur
Kundalini yoga teacher and retreats manager, Bali
"I have experienced shamanic journey with Anna in private session and participated in her group workshops. I was given more insights and awareness on my way of life. During the workshops there was a great atmosphere, and Anna maintained a safe and loving space for all participants in their deep work on themselves. I highly recommend both private sessions and workshops with Anna."
Dusan Jirasek
Massage Therapist and Coach, Czech Republic
"I did shamanic journey sessions with Anna twice, and both of them I went very deep. The journey were very beautiful. I received insight and clarity during the process and I could see what was happening in my life which help me to understand and take the next step to healing myself. Anna is a gifted, humble, and insightful shaman. She guides you in a beautifully protected space so that you feel safe and feel ready to emerge with new vision and life purpose. Thank you Anna,"
Vonny Stella
Reiki Master and Breathwork Facilitator, Bali