The dance of opposites

Are you experiencing moments of bliss, followed by moments of despair? Does your shadow become more dark every time you have glimpses of your inner light?

I feel a dance
of emotions in me,
some days is bliss
and then I fall down.

I promise myself
never again so down,
I want to live
only in pure light.

But this dance
of opposite forces
is wiping out
spiritual illusion,

to better understand
the reality of life
the magnetic force
inside our cells.

Just make sure
you keep dancing,
don’t stay stuck
in either polarity.

Experience fully
and then move on
to the next step
of your evolution.

As a car we need
accelerator and brake
to safely arrive
at our destination.

As a battery we have
positive and negative,
hold them together
to be charged with power.

© Anna Venuti. All Rights Reserved

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