The life of my Soul

The life of my Soul

The space between

tears and doubts

is the real place

where I find my Soul.


Not washed by emotions,

yet present to the vastness

of human existence

my Soul evolves.


My Soul can sing

can dance and smile

can paint and write

but does not fear.


My Soul knows

where I came from

where I’m going to,

and in between


there is the path

to be walked,

there is the life

to be experienced.


So when I cry

my Soul is present,

she whispers me

this is just a step


in the enchanting road

of my existence,

towards the freedom

of my own Light.


Yet sometimes, our human experiences can be overwhelming.

If you are struggling with negative emotions, fear or past trauma, I will be glad to support you through your healing journey. Find out here how we can walk together towards the freedom of your own Light.

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