What is Shamanic Journey great for?

What is Shamanic Journey great for?

Shamanic journey is one of the main methods used by traditional cultures to access the guidance and the help of the Spirit world.

During a shamanic journey, we enter the realms of no-ordinary reality and meet our own Helping Spirits and Power Animals to receive guidance and healing, both for ourselves or for people we journey for.

The drum or other percussion instruments are played with steady beat to help shift consciousness and create the conditions for the visionary experience to take place.

Shamanic journey is called a method of direct revelation, because allows every one of us to enter in contact with the knowledge of the Helping Spirits and our own inner wisdom. By doing this, we can receive information which is accurate and appropriate for us in this moment in life, in a way we can understand.

During a journey, we can ask the Helping Spirits questions about topics relevant to us. Those question can be about our spiritual or material life. After all, while it is a spiritual discipline, Shamanism focuses on obtaining practical and concrete results. In traditional cultures, shamans used their connection with the Spiritual world to find food sources, healing plants and techniques, safe places to live and knowledge to assure the well-being of the community.

“Please show me how will my life be if I start that relationship.”

“What should I change to improve my working situation?”

“What is blocking me from receiving abundance?”

“How can I take better care of myself?”

“Please show me a more effective way to behave in this relationship.”

“What is the real reason for my fear and how can I release it?”

“How can I honor my soul?”

“What can I do to get ready to start my business?”

“Which is the inner quality I should strengthen in this moment in my life?”

“What is my unique way to contribute to the world?”

“How can I open up my creativity?”

Those are examples of questions we can ask during a shamanic journey.

We can receive guidance about some challenge we are encountering in our life.

We can ask to be helped to see a situation from a higher prospective.

We can be shown the way to reach our higher potential.

During a shamanic journey we can also receive healing. Please read my article about the shamanic way of healing here.

Do you want to connect to your Guides and receive the guidance and healing you need in your life right now?

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