What I offer

For years I thought I was missing something – more knowledge, more money, more success – before being allowed to have a magic life.

With the practice of Shamanism, I have realized that what I was missing was the connection with my Bright Self and the Spirit World.

Are you ready to transform
your Life?

I will be glad to guide you along the journey to the Empowered You, with private coaching, personalized Shamanic Journeys, creative exercises, ceremonies and journaling.

Are you facing some challenge in your life right now, for what you need to receive guidance or healing?

Are you willing to meet your Power Animal, your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self, to receive valuable information about yourself and your life purpose?

Are you ready to step into your Magic Life? Are you willing to know your life mission, discover your special qualities, let go of limiting believes and internal blockages and plan the steps to a fulfilling life?

Are you struggling with past wounds or conditioning? Are you dealing with resentment, anger or guilt? Are you looking for a way to forgive others or yourself, learn your life lessons and start to feel an hero rather than a victim of your past?

One of the biggest inner obstacles to a fulfilling life is fear. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of loss… just to name a few.
Fear, if we listen to it, keeps us blocked, paralyzed, preventing us from expanding.
On the other side, learning how to deal with our fears opens the door to new possibilities and a broader life.

Have you already tried shamanic journey, understand its potential to change your life and are you now looking for a deeper dive into it? Do you want to learn to perform shamanic journeys to all the three Worlds of no-ordinary reality,  to establish a solid cooperation with your Guides and Power Animals. I will teach you how to benefit from the connection with your Guides in your daily life, how to interpret the information you receive.