Awake to Magic Life

Are you ready to step into your Magic Life?

Are you willing to know your life mission, discover your special qualities, let go of limiting believes and internal blockages and plan the steps to a fulfilling life?

In those 7 sessions of 60 minutes each we will use coaching, personalized shamanic journeys, ceremonies and creative exercises to empower yourself.

Customers reviews

What do people experience working with me?

Awake to Magic is the right expression for me. I’m very grateful I could experience something like that for the first time in my life. I was really amazed, and it’s thank to Anna, her guidance, advices and the special energy she has. I highly recommend her if you want to open a door to the spiritual world.
Monika Vesela
Czech Republic
It was a powerful experience, in which I managed to free myself from every day’s concerns and let my mind work on something deeper. I liked how Anna was able to say exactly what my soul needed to hear. The sessions with Anna have been very nice and pleasant experiences that gave me the direction of my next step in life.
Sabina Pavlekova
Czech Republic