Heal your Past

Are you struggling with past wounds or conditioning?

Are you dealing with resentment, anger or guilt? Are you looking for a way to forgive others or yourself, learn your life lessons and start to feel an hero rather than a victim of your past?

3 sessions of 60 minutes each include personalized shamanic journeys, writing exercises and shamanic ceremonies to heal your past.

Customers reviews

What do people experience working with me?

Anna is a gentle, sensitive and loving Spirit. She dances between the worlds effortlessly and brings back gems of wisdom that help quell the anxious heart. I am grateful for her assistance during a particularly challenging time in my life. She is meant to share her gift of words and talent for translating the shamanic realms to those who are lead to her. She will indeed help you to awaken to the magic of your life.
Maura Finn
Yoga teacher and author, US
It was mystical, healing was so strong and full of energy. All my body relaxed and was in bright light, around me a lot of colored crystals. Nice moment, be in the universe… peaceful. Ivana Hlavacova
Ivana Hlavacova
Czech Republic