Health coaching

Health is not the absence of illness, it is a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.

Being healthy means waking up in the morning full of enthusiasm for the starting day. It means being full of joy, curiosity and excess energy to realize your dreams and live a fulfilled life.

However, it often happens that, even if not sick, we are experiencing some discomfort that prevents us to live fully:

-Digestive disorders



-Low energy

-Lack of purpose


I use my trainings and personal experience in the fields of Ayurveda, Western Herbalism, Body work, Nutrition, Detox, Energy healing to find what your Being needs to have the energy and enthusiasm to live a more vibrant life.

After each session, consisting on a interview via Skype, I will send you a two pages report with suggestions (lifestyle, nutrition and supplements, physical activity, mindset and  spiritual exercises). We will then have three following up sessions at distance of two weeks from one another.

What you get?

4 x 60 minutes one-to-one sessions on Skype, over a period of two months

A report with personalized suggestions including: lifestyle changes, nutritional changes, mindset

Availability to answer questions by email during the two months


Thank you Anna for your inspiration and your enthusiasm for life.
I enjoy the meditations you lead and the yoga classes, as well as the healing suggestions. Your  Ayurvedic Massages are amazing and I'm glad to have worked with you to improve my health, highly recommended!

Anna Maria