Learn Shamanic Journey

Have you already tried shamanic journey, understand its potential to change your life and are you now looking for a deeper dive into it?

In those 9 sessions, you will learn to perform shamanic journeys to all the three Worlds of no-ordinary reality, your will learn to establish a solid cooperation with your Guides and Power Animals and you will learn to perform shamanic ceremonies.

I will teach you how to create space for the shamanic practice, the ethics of shamanic work, how to benefit from the connection with your Guides in your daily life, how to interpret the information you receive, how to distinguish your intuition from the voice of the ego.

What will you learn?

  • Journey to Lower World to meet your Power Animal
  • Journey to Upper World to meet your Spirit Guide
  • Journey to Middle World to meet the Spirit of a tree
  • Journey to your Inner Garden
  • Journey for Healing
  • Journey for Divination
  • Dismemberment Journey
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Journey to the past or the future

Customers reviews

What do people experience working with me?

"To anyone wanting to tap into this, Anna is great! I have tried to journey on my own with good results, but Anna helps you to understand the process and the message, and guides you through it. I've had a strong curiosity towards the shamanic journey and the sound of the drumming is so soothing. I would say if you want to know more about your power animal and messages they bring, try this." - Sandra Marquez, USA
Sandra Marquez
energy healer, us
Anna is a great and experienced guide to your shamanic journeys and helps very well with the difficulties you may encounter. I liked she does not push any direction, but offers new ways about how to do things.
Jana Szo
therapist, czech republic